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In the year 2010, Our Tamil Nadu State Government released a common pattern of School TNTextBook for all students in the state. Simply, they called Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Books. You can easily access, by simply clicking the Download Links. Then, it will automatically begin to download in PDF format.


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All the PDF files of Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Books i.e, TN TamilNadu SCERT Books Online PDF Free Download of Class 12th std, 11th std, 10th std, 9th std, 8th std, 7th std, 6th std, 5th std, 4th std, 3rd std, 2nd std, 1st Standard both in English Medium and Tamil Medium are provided in this website.

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All Classes of TNTextBook Samacheer Kalvi Books

You can get the download links for any subjects of all classes of TN Samacheer Books system. The Subjects like Tamil, English, Maths, Science, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio Botany, Bio Zoology, Commerce, Accounts, History, Geography, Political Science, Business Mathematics & Statistics, Economics, Accountancy, Computer Science, Computer Applications etc…

If you are searching as Samacheer Kalvi 1 to 5 Books, 6th to 12th Samacheer Kalvi Books Pdf Free Download, Tamil Nadu Board History Books Pdf Download, New Samacheer Kalvi Books in Tamil Medium, Old Samacheer Kalvi Books in Tamil Medium, New Samacheer Kalvi Books in English Medium, Old Samacheer Kalvi Books in English Medium means, you are coming at the right place at right time for your studies.

Tamilnadu TNTextBookOnline Pdf Free Download

The Tamilnadu TNTextBook Online Pdf Free Download is not only helpful for your school examination but also useful for your future higher studies including TNPSC Group Examination.

Before you start your exam preparation, you should go through the entire syllabus of Tamil Nadu School Books Online. It will be helpful for your preparation and it is also a good approach to your preparation. This way of studies is not only useful for your school examination, but also for your any examination in future.

By going through the syllabus, you can get a clear idea about what topics should you study and cover in the TNTextBook School Books Online.

Tamil Nadu TN SCERT Books Online PDF || TNTextBooks from Class 1st std to 12th Std TNTextBook

On this Page, we are provided a Free Download of the 12th standard of tntextbooks in both English Medium and Tamil Medium. On the website, we are provided from Class 1st Std, Class 2nd Std, Class 3rd Std, Class 4th Std, Class 5th Std, Class 6th Std, Class 7th Std, Class 8th Std, Class 9th Std, Class 10th Std, Class 11th Std, Class 12th Std. You can also find Solutions of Tamil Nadu TN Textbooks from Class 1st std to 12th Std of including all 3 terms and all volumes.

So, Students can get all the TamilNadu TN School Books Online | TN Text Books in Pdf format.
You can Download Freely.

Free Download of all classes 1st to 12th std solutions for both in Tamil and English medium schools, according to the latest Tamil Nadu State Board New Syllabus 2020-21.

TamilNadu TN Samacheer Kalvi Books Online – TNTextBook

The State Government of Tamil Nadu has released TN Samacheer Kalvi New Books for class 1st std, class 2nd std, class 3rd std, class 4th std, class 5th std, class 6th std, class 7th std, class 8th std, class 9th std, class 10th std, class 11th std, class 12th std, for Students who are searching for new and old Tamil Nadu TN SCERT Books.

You can download the required books from the given links below the page.

Tamil Nadu TNTextbook are available in both English and Tamil Medium for Class 1st std to Class 12th std.

Students who are preparing for examinations can download Tamil Nadu School Textbooks in PDF Format. Updated Syllabus of Class 1st std, Class 2nd std, Class 3rd std, Class 4th std, Class 5th std, Class 6th std, Class 7th std, Class 8th std, Class 9th std, Class 10th std, Class 11th std, Class 12th std of Tamil Nadu TN School Books Online in PDF Format is also available to download. On this page, we are provided Tamil Nadu 12th Standard TamilNadu State Board Books. i.e, 12th tn books PDF free download.

Tamil Nadu TN State Board Books | Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Books | TNTextBook PDF Free Download

Students | Aspirants can download the TN SCERT or Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi Books PDF Free Download in  Medium. The Subjects are Tamil, English, Geography and Political Science Books. The textbooks are given below in PDF format.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is TN SCERT?

TN SCERT – Tamil Nadu State Council of Educational Research and Training | Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation

  • The TN New Text Books is created by the TN SCERT, Tamil Nadu State Council of Educational Research and Training.
  • And published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation, Department of School Education, Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • The content & syllabus of Text Books are prepared by a team of government school teachers who have their expertise in their own subjects.

TN SCERT – Tamil Nadu State Council of Educational Research and Training.
In our Tamil Nadu State, the textbooks are released by this Organisation. It is an Autonomous Body. It controls all the duties related to textbooks.

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You can get the proper Free Download Links from Here.

Generally, these Text Books are getting Free from TN State Board Official websites such as


Where can you get TN Textbooks Download Links?

Free Download TN SCERT School Text Books Online Pdf

If you need any TN Text Books of Classes of 1st std, 2nd std, 3rd std, 4th std, 5th std, 6th std, 7th std, 8th std, 9th std, 10th std, 11th std, 12th Standard for the preparation of TNPSC Group 1 Exam, TNPSC Group 2 Exam, TNPSC Group 2a Exam, TNPSC Group 4 Exam, TNPSC VAO Exam or any other competitive examinations conducted by our Tamil Nadu State Government Ministries. If you are School students means, you can download the Books for your Reference and also for your further preparation for School Examination.


Where can you get TN Textbooks in Online or in Digital Format?

Online Education and Digital Technologies

Today in the world, Online Education and Digital Technologies play an important role in our exam preparation. Either it will be school students or any competitive examination. So, reading through the Online pdf format of Tamil Nadu School Books gives a better way of understanding the Text Books and also it will be a practice of adopting new technologies. You should know the merits and demerits of Online Education. The merits and demerits of Online Education are deferring from one person to another person. One of the most important merits is, you will be cleared the doubts spot and immediately without any time delay.

Official TamilNadu TN Textbooks online websites?

Tamil Nadu TN New School Books in English Medium PDF Free Download

Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Books Free Download even plays a more significant role when it comes to education. Students who are studying in Tamil Nadu State Board Tamil and English Medium Schools should study and use the official Tamil Nadu School Books PDF Free Download. The Tamilnadu New School Books Pdf Free Download are the best resource for any TN Board student. The Books are prescribed by TNBSE and it is distributed statewide by Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation, a publication under the Free Textbook Programme of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Official TN Tamilnadu Textbooks Online website is given below, If you need means kindly use it,

On this page, we are provided with the latest version of the Samacheer Kalvi New Books in English and Tamil Medium, as per the updated syllabus. TN Tamilnadu State Board New Syllabus Books are an essential source of information for students while preparing for any examination. These TN Textbooks include topics as well as subtopics. Students should be thorough in their respective subject of Tamil Nadu School Books before they start referring to any other study material for further preparation. At the end of each chapter of the TN Samacheer Kalvi Books, students will be provided with book back questions and answers, exercise problems related to the chapter.

When did Tamil Nadu State Government change the TN Text Books?

The curriculum of Tamil Nadu State School Education Board

The Government of Tamil Nadu State School Education Board has changed the curriculum

  • for classes of 1st std, 6th std, 9th std & 11th std in 2018-19
  • for classes of 2nd std, 7th std, 10th std & 12th std in 2019-20
  • for classes of 3rd std, 4th std, 5th std & 8th std in 2020-21

All the Text Books are given here as per the changed syllabus.